Today I opened my page on www.ogorod.ru and saw a post about this. I became speechless. Just because the perfection of the image took all the words (and breath) away. MrPorter.
I am not in condition to describe my feelings about the online store which brings me so much pleasure. I am addicted to men's fashion just because I do not see it around myself. Most of the men in my country prefer to look like a plumbers from USSR and boys dress up like Justin Bieber. I do not blame any of them, it is their choice. That is why I like Italian tourists in Riga. They are just like MrPorters (I met some of them yesterday, they asked me how to get to the shopping center and while I was telling "go straight, straight, straight" my soul got absolutely amazed with their Oxford shoes and wool coats). 

This is style guide to any man or boy. Menswear Holly Book. I do not care how you will call it. It is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Every point, every letter, every photo. Enjoy the perfection.

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