Trends: Fall 2011 - Part 1

 When it's fall outside, fashion thinks about spring.
When it's spring outside, fashion thinks about fall.
So, it's summer outside, we need to hurry up to catch the latest trends right from the catwalk.

1. Color. Remember Jil Sander's famous orange (extremely orange) skirt? It rocked. But designers don't stop, they want fall and winter to be bright, very bright. If today we wear fuchsia blazer, in October we should get turquoise coat and red sweater. 

2.Camel coat. Last season must-have doesn't tend to leave the catwalk. 

3. On the white side. Seems like style giant camel coat is replaceable. White coat which goes with everything - cocktail dress, maxi skirt or jeans. Heels, sneakers, pumps or boots. And what is more, wearing white coat you will feel appropriately during snowy days.

4. Nude maxi dress.

5. Check. Another proof that great minds think alike. Designers from all over the world colluded. And I remember I had a check wool skirt when I was a little girl and I hated it. Who knew, who knew. 

6. Geometric prints.

7. White-black. Surprising story. We got used to light-minded dresses, chiffon skirts, tulle tops and Lolita looks. And what we see? Strong, independent woman wearing black pencil skirt, white shirt and heels. Her face - done, hair - done, red lips - done. She is not afraid of taking responsibilities, she risks and wins. 

8. Fur. I don't wear fur. It's awful. Designers do wear. And it's awful.

9. Metal suit. 

10. Leather.

11. Flower prints.

images: style.com

to be continued

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