I guess all of us have a muse that is worth imitating, that gives us unbelievable power, that inspires and pushes you forward. For someone it is music or musicians, for someone - great artists or poets, for someone - powerful people, for someone - fashion, for someone - nature. Where do we find ourselves?
This post is about my muses. I do not want to call them "icons". One of my muses, former Editor-in-Chief of Russian Vogue, Aliona Doletskaya, once said that in English "style icon" sounds good but in Russian it has other meaning and I agree with her. (Btw, I am Jewish but I still respect other religions) So, meet my muses, mio inspirazione.

Aliona Doletskaya

She is great. She is really, really, really great. She did a lot for the most influential fashion magazine in Russia and left it for new which I think will be as great as Vogue was in her times. I like her thoughts, share opinions, she is mature, educated, smart, elegant, confident, successful woman.

Vladimir Pozner

Once I saw this journalist (such a shame to call him like that but unfortunately can not find another word) and his TV program I could never get enough of it. This man inspires me with his simplicity and his complexity, with his life experience and his thoughts, with his views and his opinions, with the way his talks and the way he smokes cigars. Actually, once upon a time two muses met each other to have a cup of coffee and to talk - Aliona Doletskaya interviewed Vladimir for Vogue issue. Worth seeing. You will understand why both of them are muses.


Bracelets from net-a-porter.com

Roberto Cavalli

Bijoux Heart


Aurelie Bidermann

Emilio Pucci

Male wardrobe must-haves

Simplicity. One word - thousand applause. Simplicity is classic, it always works, it doesn't bore. And this word is a key to a perfect wardrobe for a perfect man.

Trends: Fall 2011 - Part 1

 When it's fall outside, fashion thinks about spring.
When it's spring outside, fashion thinks about fall.
So, it's summer outside, we need to hurry up to catch the latest trends right from the catwalk.

1. Color. Remember Jil Sander's famous orange (extremely orange) skirt? It rocked. But designers don't stop, they want fall and winter to be bright, very bright. If today we wear fuchsia blazer, in October we should get turquoise coat and red sweater. 

Men in Details

Net-a-porter favs

I guess net-a-porter.com is the best online shop which sells luxury goods. To be honest, I do not buy things there because of the cost of shipping (I am mean when it comes to additional costs). But if you are OK to pay for it (actually, shipping is very fast, a friend of mine buys clothes and accessories there and she gets them very fast, net-a-porter ships with DHL I suppose). So, but not being a customer doesn't mean that I don't visit the shop.
Online magazine is interesting and clothes are beautiful. Who objects?

So, check out clothes I chose. 


Halston Heritage

One Vintage


Jil Sander

Jason Wu

Alexander McQueen

Notte by Marchesa




Stella McCartney




Alexander McQueen

Jason Wu



Let me show you my current shoe addiction.


Actually, Miroslava Duma also can't get enough. She often shows them in her daily posts on buro247.com

Christian Louboutin - Pigalle

These are my dream. They are very classy, aren't they? Unfortunately, owners say that they are uncomfortable. True or false but they look stunning.

Christian Louboutin - Bibi

I like them in different colors. My favs: blue, brown and black. Massive heel drives my crazy.

Seen on Blake Lively with Marchesa dress

And on Katy Perry..I guess she needs to leave only shoes and take rose carpet instead of her dress. 

Jimmy Choo - Louisa suede platform sandals

They remind me Prada sandals, black and massive. I guess I'm totally obsessed with such shoes.

Eva Mendes wore them with Gucci dress. Even if I like them black and suede, on Eva they look great. To be honest, everything looks great on Eva.

Jimmy Choo - Elba sandals

Enjoy the fairy tale with Jimmy Choo and his light-minded sandals Elba. 

Jimmy Choo - Zafira

Diamonds? Oh no, these shoes with eastern name Zafira wear Swarowski. Lets leave gems for jewellery. 

Seen on Leighton Meester and Burberry Prorsum dress. Look to impress!

source: net-a-porter/google/jimmychoo/unknown


Two years, oops, sorry, five years ago when I first went to Italy (oh, Italia) I got obsessed with this country. Food, fashion, people, architecture, lifestyle, culture. Why everything in this country is so beautiful and perfect? Every thing they create is bellissimo.

However, this is not about thing. This is about a woman. Perfect, fabulous, amazing charming woman with big bewitching eyes and sensual lips. Sophia Loren.

Oh, once upon a time Carrie Bradshaw (SATC) said about Samantha: To Samantha, fifty and fabulous.
Now I say: To Sophie, seventy six and magnificent.

The new beginning

So..where to begin? Hm..Question which I ask myself every time when I start something new.
This blog is not going to be only about one specific topic. It is going to be about everything around us: people, lifestyle, art, fashion, cinema, culture. Of course, I will accentuate certain themes, such as fashion or food (two "f's" that I am extremely interested in) but I want this blog to be about life, real life, with all dos and don'ts. Beautiful, breathtaking and immense life.