Cooking is my another passion. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time to cook. What is more, I am vegetarian that is why I do not cook meat but I am sure I wouldn't screw it up.

tomatoes stuffed with mushrooms and cheese

cake with cranberries


homemade jam



She lives in Riga, Alberta street. This was not the first time I had seen her.
She is about 68-70 years old but her style is fantastic. She walks slowly, enjoying the world around her with Hermes bag.


Today I opened my page on www.ogorod.ru and saw a post about this. I became speechless. Just because the perfection of the image took all the words (and breath) away. MrPorter.
I am not in condition to describe my feelings about the online store which brings me so much pleasure. I am addicted to men's fashion just because I do not see it around myself. Most of the men in my country prefer to look like a plumbers from USSR and boys dress up like Justin Bieber. I do not blame any of them, it is their choice. That is why I like Italian tourists in Riga. They are just like MrPorters (I met some of them yesterday, they asked me how to get to the shopping center and while I was telling "go straight, straight, straight" my soul got absolutely amazed with their Oxford shoes and wool coats). 

This is style guide to any man or boy. Menswear Holly Book. I do not care how you will call it. It is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Every point, every letter, every photo. Enjoy the perfection.


RFW - Katyakatya Shehurina

As opposed to Daniella and her new brand, Katya Shehurina rocks RFW every time. People love her collections. It is feminine, light, soft. Sometimes I think of Marchesa, Lanvin when I see her dresses. And a drop of Miss Dior Cherie would suit perfectly.

This collection is not so girly as the previous one. It is more mature, even aggressive. It won't go with Cherie, you will definitely need Poison.

One thing I really do not understand - shoes. Shoes are everything for a woman. And rocky sandals plus white silk (almost) wedding dress? Do not see the logic..and the beauty.



RFW's new face - TDaniell

Believe me or not but we also have our own Fashion week. To be honest, I have never been on any show during Riga Fashion week. It is not because I am not absolutely interested in my motherland's fashion butI am not in this surrounding, so I do not get invitations to the shows. Another reason is that I do not see any further development in Latvian fashion industry and usually the designers bring only disappointment.

But I've decided to introduce you a warm newcomer. Why warm? Because the knitwear has been designed.
Why did I pay attention to the designer? Because among all Latvian designers TDaniell creates really stylish clothes. 

Daniella herself:

I am really waiting for the lookbook or photos of full collection.
All news and information about TDaniell production you can find on 

Casual runway

We all know what brings us to shops like Zara, Topshop, H&M etc. These stores take us closer to runway, to high fashion, luxury. I think they are doing the right thing ( I don't like to call it copy-paste) just because most of the customers can not afford expensive goods from famous designers. But mass-market shops give an opportunity for people to be stylish and trendy without huge amount of money.

So, I decided to compare (without a price) shoes from designers and non-designers.